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In-Building Cellular Network Services
NAV is focused on bringing outdoor cell coverage indoors - where you need it most. Using a distributed antenna system (DAS) is the best solution for a whole range of issues.

How does a basic DAS work?
There are many physical objects that can interfere with the transmission of RF signals into a building. Material such as granite, marble, stone, concrete blocks, metal roofs, steel beams, even energy efficient windows can present a challenge to getting a consistent and well dispersed cell signal into many buildings.

Whether its a...
      - Residence
      - Small Office/ Home Office (SOHO)
      - Business
      - Commercial Property
      - Public Gathering Venue
      - Industrial Site
..the solution is pretty much the same.

In its simplest form, a barrier can be bypassed by utilizing an exterior antenna and a strategically placed signal booster inside your building so that the outside signal is redistributed to where its needed.

Larger in-building coverage problems follow the same basic premise, but incorporate different equipment options as well as the possibility of replacing portions of coaxial cable with fiber optics to increase the overall scope and fidelity of the system.

What's the process?

Site Survey: Our trained staff will come to your premises and examine all of the parameters effecting your situation; physical structures, material impedance, equipment room locations and cable routing options.

Coverage needs and analysis: With the availability of certified technicians, NAV will perform spectrum analysis  for each appropriate carrier in order to identify weak coverage areas.

Design Package: After gathering pertinent on-site information, a design package will be created with a list of materials and pricing options.
Carrier Collaboration: Installing a DAS involves the retransmission a carrier's FCC regulated bandwidth, therefore it is critical to have agreement documentation worked out.

Professional Installation: Our expert installers will make sure that the system has been installed properly and that appropriate PIM and Sweep conformance testing has been performed to ensure reliability. 

On-going Support & Maintenance: Our team will be available for inspections as well and any changes, repairs or expansions of your DAS system.

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